Music Laboratory

Updated on 10-11-2007



I have made a major technical update on the site, rewriting a lot of the code, in AS2 class. But it quite still needs some works. It's a bit buggy.

I intend to release some of my forgotten tunes in the few days, and i hope (croise les doigts), i will be able to produce some other work from now on. It is been almost two years without writing anything. I kept playing on my instrument but not anymore with my computer.

I shall do a song for a short-movie too.



We, Denehb (bass) and I (guitar), started the MJU : A modular jazz group, focusing on soul expression in each note. We have made some takes from the Standards repertory usually called the GAS (Great American Songbook).

Visit these sites :



Added some tracks, from 'MO' and 'H project' (2000), and more recent works (2003-2004). MP3 optimized.



Welcome, you're on the Music Lab of Joran.

The tracks you'll hear on this site are the result of my work since 1995, and are mainly ideas and demos. Some of them belongs to a CD project. They're intended to be played by musicians on acoustics instruments.

Music is not a professional aim anymore, as i intended to when i had 18. I have made peace with myself to hear my own rhythm.

Patience and work. I'm free now. Music feeds and heals my soul.

My first instrument is the Guitar and i try to be, as far as i can play, an humble and honest Jazz player.

Feel free to give your feedbacks in the contact part.

NB : All the tracks, melodies, and orchestrations, are the intellectual and artistic properties of Joran aka Eric Le Bihen.